Brooke Pangrass Funeral Live Stream

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    1. Make sure the volume is up on the computer or viewing device.
    2. Make sure the volume on the video stream window is turned on and does not have an “X” (Bottom Left Of Video Window).
    3. Turn up the volume on the stream video window (Bottom Left Of Video Window).
    4. To enter fullscreen navigate to the bottom right of the stream window and click the two-way arrow icon.
    5. Refresh the page if It freezes.



Thank you for joining us for the live-streaming of this event.

Our technical team does everything possible to ensure the best quality of the live-stream service.  

Unfortunately, there are times when the internet connection at the venue or where you are viewing from may cause interference and buffering.

We apologize if this is the case with today’s live stream but we want to assure you that this service will be recorded and uploaded following the service to this page.