Event Services

Event Services

We specialize in fun, it's a simple formula of high energy, good vibes and fabulous music of all genres. Let's take the fun at your next event to the next level. We also provide a wide range of add-on services…

Whether it’s a slideshow full of great memories or a business presentation, our screens & projectors will give you the visual aid you need.

Adding color and lighting brings life and excitement into your venue and not only changes the look of the venue, but changes the feel of the event. Our lights transform a room to give it that “WOW” factor when you and your guests walk in.

Give your photos a fairy tale effect and wow your guests by adding dry ice clouds to your special moment.

Completely change the look of your venue by wrapping your existing dancefloor in vinyl, creating limitless ways for bringing your theme to life.

Indoor fireworks are smoke free, odorless, and controlled by an on-site technician. Cold sparks are projected vertically to create a fountain effect. Approved for indoor use in many venues, such as the Delta, Fairmont & Shaw Conference Centre.

Our DJs are also professional MC hosts and can take on the duties for any style of event, from weddings to parties, too formal gatherings or presentations.

This non-traditional style DJ booth can add a some flare to the room and decor. A hardwood top and sleek white paneling, our DJ booth fits into any style of event

Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday parties or any type of gathering. Our sleek photo booths are completely cordless and operate by battery power. This means the photo booth location can be anywhere, opening up endless event possibilities for picture perfect fun!