Dance On A Cloud


The perfect fairy-tale moment.

Use dry ice to give a breath taking effect for your big night.

Dazzle your guests with dry ice.

Give your photos a fairy tale effect and wow your guests by adding dry ice clouds to your special moment.

Perfect for any event.

Twice the glam.

The ideal time for this effect is during your first dance, but if you want to add a little bit of flavor to your entrance, have a burst of dry ice shot through your venue doors before you enter the room. This will build the suspense and the excitement of your guests, and will give you the grand entrance you deserve on your big night!

Great for photos.

Get absolutely stunning photos and videos of your first dance with this effect. Your photographer and videographer are sure to get many shots of you dancing on a cloud.

Not regular smoke.

Smoke machines create a thin layer of smoke and it does not stay on the floor, ultimately it ruins the pictures for your first dance as opposed to enhancing them. Smoke machines are also well known to set off fire alarms and are banned in most halls. Dry ice machines create an odorless, low-lying fog that does not set off fire alarms, using frozen carbon dioxide.

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