Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Restrictions create barriers. Barriers between our loved ones and our friends. Break down those walls with a professional Live Stream. Weddings, funerals, sporting events, bands, birthday parties or religious holiday gatherings.

Our high quality Live Streaming can bring your family and friends together safely, virtually from anywhere in the world

Professional grade video and audio will immerse family and friends into your event or gathering all at a reasonable price point.

Multiple camera angles and high quality mics can help create that in person experience. We provide a private landing page for guests to join the stream. The landing page can include pictures, bios, obituaries or anything you want and need to make the experience more personal. User friendly instructions for the less tech savvy people is also included. Once the live stream is finished we embed the video back on the landing page for guests who may have missed the stream to go back and re-live the experience. Get in touch with us and let’s chat how we can create a personalized Live Stream for you and your family/friends

Perfect for any event.




Corporate Events.


Birthday Parties



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