Keeping Kids Entertained at the Reception

Keeping Kids Entertained at the Reception

Keeping Kids Entertained at the Reception

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

When your guest list includes a long list of nieces, nephews, and the children of friends and cousins – you might be wondering how to keep them entertained so mom and dad can have fun too. We’ve got a few suggestions for kids of all ages. Some of these may even have the adults sitting at the kids table too! Here is our list for keeping the kids entertained at the reception.


  • Colouring Books

It’s a standard option for a reason: kids like to colour! Pick up a stack of colouring books and boxes of crayons at your local dollar store. Just be sure leave the markers at home. The person washing table linens will thank you.


  • Craft Supplies

Craft paper, glue, pipe-cleaners and more. It all goes hand-in-hand with colouring and kids will cut, paste, and craft the night-away! Consider working with your venue to find a table they won’t mind children accidentally spreading glue or glitter on.


  • Lego

Small 40 to 60 piece boxes of Lego are a good option for kids ages 4 and up and surprisingly affordable! Kids will quietly concentrate and it’s a great take-home gift just for them. Plus, everyone’s wearing shoes at a wedding, so the risk of stepping on a lost brick (Ouch!) is zero.


  • A Movie or Video Games Corner

Set up a small TV set with a DVD player or video game console in a corner or separate room if available. Let kids chill-out to a movie or multiplayer games once they’ve had enough of us boring adults.


  • Board Games and Yard Games

If you have a separate area for movies and video games, don’t forget to bring actual board games along too! If it’s an outdoor wedding or there’s a yard attached to your venue, bean-bag toss, ladder golf, giant Yahtzee and more will keep the kids, and adults, entertained!


  • Glow Sticks

Kids love glow-sticks! Pick up the long variety that snap together in different shapes and let the creativity flow! Children will build all sorts of creations, they make for great photos, and once they’ve lost interest you’ll probably find a few fun-loving adults on the dance floor with glow-sticks too.


While most parents will bring along some entertainment for their children, providing a few more options is always a great idea! When the kids are having fun, their parents will too, so everyone can enjoy your day it’s fullest. We hope you liked our list for keeping the kids entertained at the reception. Check out our other blog posts for more helpful tips and trips to #wedducate!

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