Men’s Wedding Emergency Kit

Men’s Wedding Emergency Kit

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Men’s Wedding Emergency Kit

Whether you DIY it or buy it pre-made the ladies Wedding Day Emergency Kit is essential for any style of wedding. But don’t forget about the Groomsmen! Make sure they’re your go-to team for any wedding scenario with these suggestions for a Men’s Wedding Emergency Kit! Several of these make for great groomsmen gifts too. 

  • Swiss Army Knife

It’s a classic men’s gift that lasts a lifetime. A Swiss Army Knife is compact and has all the essential items like a bottle opener, wine cork, knife, scissors, and more for any wedding day problem you may run in to!

  • Handkerchief

Don’t let them muss or fuss with their pocket square; give the guys a handkerchief to fold up in their back pocket. It’s great for sweaty foreheads, crying eyes, and helping scrub out an unexpected grass stain.

  • Beer Coozie

It’s inexpensive, you can order LOADS of them printed with a custom design or wedding date, and they keep cold cans and bottles free of condensation that might end up dripping on shirts or pants during photos. 

  • A Watch

A men’s wristwatch might not seem like an emergency item, but consider that phones often get left behind because they don’t look great in the pockets of dress pants. A nice watch will make sure ALL the guys are on-time and can help anyone else who needs the time. There’s a HUGE style and budget range, and they make for slick photos too!

  • A Pen

A handsome ballpoint pen is discrete, can be customized to each groomsman, and there will be plenty of times during a wedding someone needs to jot something down. Whether it’s an entire speech or a simple note-to-self, give your guys a pen! If you want to class things up, go with a fountain pen; just be careful, as they can easily leave stains.

  • Face Wipes

Face Wipes, or make-up wipes as they’re also known, aren’t just for ladies. They’re great for emergency stains or wiping off a sweaty/greasy forehead during pictures. And yes, if the girls know guys have them, there’s a chance your groomsmen will be doling them out for the bridesmaids as well.

There are LOADS of extra items you can give your guys, just make sure if it’s something you intend them to carry during the ceremony or pictures that it’s not too bulky or it might show up in photos. With a little planning you’ll have your Groomsmen ready to handle ANY potential wedding-day emergency. Make sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks! 

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