Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable Weddings

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Sustainable Weddings

Everyone is making changes to go green and the wedding industry is no different. We’ve got a few ways you can reduce your carbon footprint by reimagining some traditional wedding practices! Here is our tips for Sustainable Weddings.

The Invites

Wedding websites and apps with E-Invites are quickly becoming the norm. If going paperless isn’t a complete solution for you, using less paper is totally doable! Print your invites at a local shop that carries recycled paper and mail physical invites only to those who would most appreciate them.

The Flowers

Most flowers are shipped in from around the world and their carbon footprint can be huge! Talk your florist about creating arrangements with locally sourced flowers. Or, consider a silk flower bouquet. They’re beautiful, never wilt, and can be bought and sold multiple times!

The Venues

You can’t always help how eco-friendly your venue is, but you CAN choose a venue to host both your ceremony and reception. That’s less travel for you and for the guest list, and that’s a smart way to think green.

The Photos

Before hopping in the limo and touring around for wedding party photos remember this: The less you travel, the smaller your carbon footprint. If your venues aren’t appropriate for photos choose somewhere you can get all your pictures done in one place.

The Food

Step one: Choose a menu that can be sourced locally. 

Step two: Talk to your caterers to ensure they’re sourcing their meat and veggies locally.

Going local with your menu isn’t just a green choice, but local meats and veggies are fresher and taste better!

The Drink

If you’re in Canada and had to guess which wine has less of a carbon footprint: The one from BC or the one from Spain… the choice is obvious. Locally, or at least domestically, produced drink is usually the greener choice. 

The Favours

Consider sending your guests home with a sapling. As they grow and mature like your love for one another, each tree can absorb more than 1 ton of carbon in its lifetime! Or keep things simple and make a donation on behalf of each guest to a charitable eco organization such as TreeCanada.Org

Having a sustainable wedding doesn’t mean trading in a limo for a Tesla. Making simple changes to go green and offset your carbon footprint is a gift you give yourself that you won’t forget.

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