Wedding Ceremony Recessional Songs

Wedding Ceremony Recessional Songs

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

wedding ceremony processional songs

Picking ceremony music is a tough task. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming! Seems like after listening to dozens and dozens of tracks your head may be spinning, and it’s NOT with romance. And just like you had to pick music to walk in to, now we need something to walk back out to.

And, while most of us will remember love songs when we hear them, putting a name to them is just plain difficult sometimes.

Now, just like you had music to introduce you during the Ceremony Processional, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular Ceremony Recessional Songs. These are by far some of our most popular songs to help give you some ideas as you exit the wedding as a freshly-minted married couple:

Here’s our list of Wedding Ceremony Recessional Songs

This is the music that will set the mood immediately AFTER the officiant has said “I am pleased to present to you, the newlyweds!”

So if you’re going for a romantic feel, choose something lovey-dovey! If you’re celebrating LOUD and PROUD, choose something FUN! Other options include a song special to the couple, or music they and their party can literally dance down the aisle to!

It’s the first song you’ll walk to as a married couple, so if nothing else make sure it’s something you like and it’s something memorable!

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