Wedding Picture Essentials

Wedding Picture Essentials

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Wedding Picture Essentials

They’re the keepsake from your wedding you and your family will remember for decades… the wedding photos! Picking the right locations and photographer are important, but so ensuring your wedding party’s comfort is essential! Here’s a few items to bring along for your wedding photos! Here is our list of Wedding Picture Essentials!


  • Light Food

Weddings can take a while, photos can take longer. Some people may have missed their chance to eat, so make sure everyone keeps their blood sugar up! A veggie tray, trail mix, even chips will work. Just make sure it’s nothing that could get stains on dresses or jackets!

  • Water

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration! Dresses and suits are hot, and marching around in them makes them even hotter. So bring along LOTS of water, you’ll need it.

  • Beer, Coolers, Wine

If you’re doing photos after a ceremony it can be nice to unwind with a beverage. Provide a selection of drinks for those who want to relax. Just be sure people are ALSO drinking water!

  • Umbrellas or Parasols

Summer weddings bring rain AND shine. Protect expensive hairdos from the rain and bare-shoulders from the sun with umbrellas or parasols. As a bonus, some parasols come in GREAT colours and designs that make for amazing photos.

  • Blankets, Towels, Chairs.

Pictures can take a while, and if you’re shooting somewhere without seating, be sure to bring along a few folding chairs if you can. Or throw some blankets and towels in a bag for people to sit on to help prevent grass or dirt stains.

  • Kleenexes, Make-up Wipes, Tide-Pens

Allergies, crying eyes, and stains HAPPEN. Bring along some tissues, tide pens, and make-up wipes to help deal with any of them.


We’re not kidding! Bring an entire flat of water or at minimum a bottle for each person; make sure EVERYONE has water.


It’s often the behind-the-scenes details that make a huge difference. And if everyone is comfortable and having fun, it’ll show in your wedding photos!

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