Write the BEST Best Man Speech

Write the BEST Best Man Speech

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Write the BEST Best Man Speech

It can be funny, it can be heartfelt, and totally unforgettable! It’s the Best Man speech, and if you need a little help writing yours, we’ve got a step by step guide to help craft the perfect best-man speech. So here is how to Write the BEST Best Man Speech.

First, here are the major ‘Do Not Do’s”

  • Best Man Speeches aren’t long, 5 minutes tops

Keep it tight, and keep it bright!

  • Good natured humour only!

A wedding day is NOT the time to tell that tale about your wild trip to Vegas

  • No inside jokes

Is your joke something only the two of you, or a small group, would get? Remember, there could be more than a hundred other people who won’t understand your hilarious inside joke.

  • Don’t mention old significant others

This goes without saying, but just in case, remember: DON’T MENTION OLD SPOUSES

To write the speech there are 6 simple stages

  • Introduce yourself

Let the guests know who you are and how you know the groom. 

  • Thank the guests, staff, and parents

A simple thanks to people for coming, the staff for their performance, and the parents for being great people who produced such amazing children, and anyone else the bride or groom may request you mention.

  • Compliment the Bride

Mention how great she looks, how great the entire wedding party looks, and how lucky the groom is to be marrying her. 

  • Tell an anecdote or funny story about the Groom

This is a perfect time to tell a story about you two. Choose something in good taste and something only a little embarrassing. You’ll know how much ribbing the groom can take. It should be a story that demonstrates how caring/giving/or loving the groom can be. 

  • Pause for Laughter!

Don’t talk too fast! If you’ve got the crowd laughing then you’re doing your job. Feel free to pause a moment for effect!

  • The Toast

Ask the crowd to raise a glass to the happiness and health of the beautiful couple, wish them well, and then hug it out. Your job is DONE!

Write it, rehearse it, and be sure to actually print it out or write it down (cellphones have a habit of running out of battery). And remember, you don’t have to have a show-stopping speech to make an impression and let your groom know just how much you care. But if you keep things personal, light, and fun, you’ll have everyone smiling! We hope we can help you Write the BEST Best Man Speech of all times with these pointers! 

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