7 tips to Help Out of Town Guests

7 tips to Help Out of Town Guests

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Helping out-of-town guests find their way to your wedding ensures you’re not answering frantic texts and calls before you walk down the aisle. Here are 7 simple tips to help your guests find their way!

Include a “Key-information” card with invitations

Clear “When” and “Where” instructions on your invitations and even including a map or a photo of the venues helps ensure your guests will know EXACTLY where they need be. If there are extra details that won’t fit on an invite, consider making a wedding website!

Let them know in advance of any special recommendations

Are sunglasses recommended? Should they bring an umbrella or something warm to wear? Is this a hats-off event? Certain details may seem obvious to you, but including these details on your invite or website can help make sure your aren’t surprised by it moments before your wedding.

Host a Welcome Reception

Following a wedding rehearsal, a welcome reception for out of town guests who may want to touch bases with you, catch up with family, or simply don’t have anywhere to be is the perfect time to have a casual budget-friendly meet-up. It’s also a good time let people know who to contact in case of an emergency (see tip #6)

Give guests local destination recommendations

Whether it’s a small-town or big-city – chances are you have a favourite restaurant, pub or tourist attraction you can let your guests know about. This is a chance to give them a taste of where you live!

Indicate Transportation Options

So your guests know where your venue is, but what is best way to get there? Car Pooling, Cabbing, Transit? What’s parking like? Are you providing a shuttle? Is there a recommended cab company? Every guest will want to know, especially those unfamiliar with the city they’re in.

Designate Emergency Contact-people

Despite your best efforts, someone may get lost and they’ll need help. Designate someone to be an emergency contact for you. That way as you’re getting ready for a ceremony you’re not the one answering frantic texts.

Leave a “Welcome Goodie Basket” in hotel rooms

If you’ve got a room block in a hotel, you can leave a goodie basket with a card containing all the key information your guests will need to find their way on your wedding day!

Giving your guests a little extra information can save them a LOT of stress, which will in-turn, make sure you can enjoy your big day. We hope the 7 tips to Help Out of Town Guests helps and make sure to visit all our blog posts for much more help with DIY, Ideas and all the good stuff!

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