Dance Floor Wraps


Wrap it up

Take your event to the next level with a stunning vinyl dance floor, completely customized to compliment your decor.

Custom vinyl wrapped dance floor.

Completely change the look of your venue by wrapping your existing dancefloor in vinyl, creating limitless ways for bringing your theme to life.

Customize it.

Whether it’s a monogram for a wedding dancefloor wrap, a logo for a corporate party, or a full print basketball court for a sports fanatic’s 16th birthday, a vinyl wrapped dance floor is completely customizable to accommodate your event’s theme.

Wow factor.

Endless efforts are spent coming up with the right themes for decor, tie in everything nicely with a custom vinyl wrapped dance floor. Cover any unwanted existed flooring to make your theme look cohesive the whole way through.

Wrap it all.

Love your venue but not the staging? Wrap it. Planning a fashion show and want to make a statement? Wrap the runway and add logos for branding. If you don’t love it, wrap it.

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