Bridal Party Gifts for Cold Weather

Bridal Party Gifts For Cold Weather

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Bridal Party Gifts for Cold Weather

Fall and winter weddings look beautiful. But the temperature…well, we’ve got a few ideas for gifts to keep the men and women of your bridal party warm on a chilly wedding day. Here us our list of Bridal Party Gifts for Cold Weather!


  • Touques


Ordering or knitting matching toques for your party makes for a great signature photo. Afraid it’ll mess up everyone’s hair? Give them earmuffs instead!

  • Scarves & Shawls

Bridesmaid dresses aren’t made for cold weather. Matching oversized scarves or shawls look great and add some warmth on a brisk day.

  • Socks

Matching socks for the guys is a must in any wedding! And for outdoor photos a set of warm woolies will look and feel great!

  • Mittens

Matching mitts for men and ladies are easy to find and make for cute group photos.

  • Engraved Thermos

Cool days call for a hot drink. Give everyone a thermos engraved with their name or your wedding date, and be sure to top it up with a hot beverage! It’ll also help make sure they don’t mix up their thermoses too.

  • Blankets

Waiting around for photos can be chilly! Keep your party warm with monogrammed blankets.

  • Cold Weather Emergency Kit

Include a little of everything above in a handy kit. Ear Muffs, mitts, hand-warmers, it’s everything someone in a fall or winter wedding could need.


These are just a few ideas to keep you warm at your fall or winter wedding. We hope this list of Bridal Party Gifts for Cold Weather helps in the crazy planning process. Check out our blog for a lot more event tips and tricks. Follow our hashtag #wedducate for all the fun!

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