Bridesmaids Processional Songs

Bridesmaids Processional Songs

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Bridesmaids Processional Songs

The Bridal Party Processional song is when your bridesmaids (and Bridesmen) set the pace and tone with a walk down the aisle. It precedes the bride’s march, and it gets the crowd smiling big. In fact, the bridal party is probably joining in the crowd’s excitement of the moment the bride walks out.

It also gives the bride (in this case, you) a moment to slow things down. You might be filled with nerves at this exact time, even if you’ve spent your entire engagement nothing but excited.

Upwards of a hundred or more pairs of eyes are about to start gazing at this great looking bridal party you’ve assembled, so the nerves are NORMAL! Do yourself, and your bridal party a favour, and give them a song that’ll help them smile and give everyone a chance to take in the moment.

Now you just need to pick the perfect song that’ll give you that minute or two to relax and let your bridal party do their thing. Thankfully, there’s loads of music out there for this occasion! Choose something classical! Or something the bride and her girls used to sing and dance to. Maybe something elegant and simple. You may even want to pick a song for them to literally dance down the aisle to.

And to help your choice here’s Our List Of Bridesmaids Processional Songs:

Here Is Our List Of Bridesmaids Entering The Ceremony Songs

  • Lifehouse – everything
  • Phillips phillips – home
  • Beyonce – love on top
  • The Beatles – all you need is love
  • Etta James – at last
  • Beyonce & jay z – crazy in love
  • Carole king – you make me feel like a natural woman
  • 702 – where my girls
  • Emotions – best of my love
  • Paramore – the only exception

Ideally, at the wedding rehearsal you’ll have worked out how fast or slow the bridesmaids will walk, but the music you choose can make a difference as well. Faster music may mean your attendants naturally take a quicker step. So it’s important to pick something for your bridesmaids to walk to that has a feeling of building energy, but nothing too frantic.  

And by taking this moment to help your lovely bridesmaids take their stroll, you’ll give yourself time to prepare for your own walk down the aisle. So take a breath and enjoy the moment you’re about to experience! Visit our other blog posts for more tips and tricks!

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