Dressing The Men In Your Wedding: A Conxeppt Of Style

Dressing The Men In Your Wedding: A Conxeppt Of Style

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Dressing the men in your Wedding: A Conxeppt of Style

Choosing the bride’s dress is a special moment. There are so many traditions, like getting her friends and family together, trying multiple gowns, sharing some laughs and tears, and finally settling on “The one.”

But for guys, the suit process is usually a quick 30 minute trip to the nearest chain-rental store, picking something out of a catalogue, getting a quick measure, trying on an ill-fitting sample jacket (if they have one) and then coming back for a final fitting months later.

Conxeppt Clothing & Culture elevates the “suiting-up” experience; So it’s just as special for the groom as finding the perfect dress is for the bride. They provide a fun and engaging custom-tailoring experience that will build the perfect suit for your wedding day.

Conxeptt’s wedding package begins with an in-store experience. Make an appointment and take a seat in Conxeppt’s fitting lounge. You’ll be treated to refreshments from their open-bar as you begin to browse designs to create your very own custom-tailored suit.

With help from Conxeppt’s expert tailors and designers, you’ll narrow down a few options from the thousands of fabric patterns they have. You’ll choose the jacket fit, the liner style, along with the buttons and lapels to create a unique piece of clothing that is truly your own.

Next comes the fitting for your shirt, pants, and vest (if needed). It all ensures that your outfit is the ideal fit for your wedding day. This way the groom isn’t itching or sweating away in a rental suit that just doesn’t feel quite right.

But they’re not just for the groom; Conxeppt offers suit packages for up to 6 men. Meaning all the guys in your wedding party can look and feel their best.

Finally, Conxeppt’s suits are built with form and function in mind. They’ll withstand the rigors of a wedding so you can cut a rug without splitting a seam! Even better, after the cake’s been cut and champagne’s been popped, you’ll have a luxurious new custom-suit to wear for years to come. 

Matt Fossey Entertainment believes that by creating as many memorable experiences as possible, a happy couple will have an endless supply of treasured memories from their wedding to look back on. That’s why we recommend giving yourself an elevated suit experience, and check Conxeppt Clothing Culture for your groom!

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