Rehearsal Dinner Spaces

Rehearsal Dinner Spaces

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Rehearsal Dinner Spaces

It’s the day before the wedding, the guests are arriving, and it’s time for the rehearsal dinner! It’s a chance to introduce the bride and groom’s families and friends and spend time with the wedding party and any family you may too busy to interact with the day of the wedding. Adding a little competition is the perfect way to get people acquainted. Here are a few ideas to get your guests mixing and mingling:

Backyard Games Tournament

The backyard barbecue is a classic option for rehearsal dinners. Getting a few backyard games like Bean-bag Toss, Ladder Golf, Washer Toss, and Horseshoes are easy and affordable options for entertainment! Draw up a tournament, pair people in teams, and you’ll have guests cheering for one another in no time.

Bowling Alley

For small to mid-size groups, booking a few lanes at a bowling alley and dividing up the teams is a great way to mix up your groups and introduce everyone. Plus, it’s not weather dependant, the alley has all the equipment, it’s great for all ages, and most bowling alleys offer catering!

A Softball Game or Tournament

If you know a good amount of your friends and family have ball gloves and bats, putting together a tournament or game is a great way to add some friendly competition and get a little outdoor exercise! Bring along a cooler and a barbecue and you’ve got a great evening planned.

An Evening at the Races

If your wedding is in a city with a horse-racing track, reserve a patio sets, an outdoor tent, or an indoor restaurant area. Most tracks are kid friendly, with catering and drinks available. And it’s an opportunity to dress-up for the occasion! Don’t forget to bring your fascinator or big hat!

A Scavenger Hunt

This option takes a little extra time, but for a destination wedding or one held in a city that many guests aren’t familiar with; this can be good option for adults. If you’re near a city’s downtown core, creating a walking tour/scavenger hunt will get your guests familiar with the area and checking out stores and restaurants they might not otherwise visit. 

An Evening on the Golf Course

A round of golf is perfect for small groups but requires a higher skill level. Playing best-ball and giving each team a ringer is a good way to keep things moving along! And there’s no better way to help a group bond than driving golf carts, soaking up sun, and touring the greens.

A fun rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to build excitement for your wedding day and shouldn’t be stressful. So relax, have fun with your guests, and encourage them to mingle. Just don’t forget to bring sunscreen! We hope you like this list of Rehearsal Dinner Spaces. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

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