Rehearsal Dinners – What to do 

Rehearsal Dinners – What To do

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Rehearsal Dinners – What to do 

Rehearsal Dinners are an opportunity to mix and mingle the night before a wedding. It’s not necessary to have a rehearsal dinner, but it is the perfect time to do a few last-minute tasks to help important guests and members of your wedding party get prepped for your big day. Here’s a few ideas for a Rehearsal and tips to make the most of your pre-wedding soiree.

Formal or Fun?

A traditional rehearsal dinner was seated, plated, and served. But these days a backyard barbecue is as common as a banquet hall. When choosing where to have your rehearsal dinner think outside the box! Have a baseball tournament, go to an arcade, book a room at a brewery, or if it’s winter rent a lodge with a campfire site to roast marshmallows. The possibilities are endless.

Introduce the Families

Wedding rehearsals are often the first time His and Her parents, siblings, and cousins will meet for the first time ever. Regardless of whether you’re having a formal dinner or a backyard bash, introduce them individually to one another so awkward “Who are you?” situations don’t come up. 

Mix and Mingle! 

Families naturally start to cluster together, and so do the spouses and significant others of the wedding party. Mix it up by bringing games or ice-breakers along. Rehearsal dinners are a great place to make friends for the night of the wedding.

Update your Party

If you’ve got last minute tasks you need help with, or need to update people on when and where to be the next morning – the rehearsal is the perfect time to give people the low-down. Key details will be fresh in their minds, just be sure to write down your instructions or text them so they have the information handy.

Rehearsal dinners make for a relaxing evening with friends and family you may not have much time to see on the day of your wedding. And for guests, it’s wonderful way to help introduce everyone. Take this time to unwind and don’t overcomplicate things. If you’re having fun, your friends and family will too!

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