Top 10 Wedding Speech Tips For Newbs

Top 10 Wedding Speech Tips For Newbs

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Ok it finally happened – the dreaded…. You’ve been asked to give a speech at your friend’s wedding. So now what? Where do you even start? Should you be funny? Serious, sentimental or all of the above. How do we combine all these characteristics into a wedding speech? After all, it is a HUGE honour to be selected for such a task. Take this as a compliment, your friends love and trust you enough to take the stage and speak about them on the biggest day of their lives. 

If you’ve been to weddings or holiday parties, you know that sometimes these speeches can turn into an awkward, drunken tik tok or viral Instagram video. The combination of alcohol and no of prep will more than likely result in the best man or maid of honour rambling on and sharing inappropriate and embarrassing stories about the newlyweds in front of family and friends. Just remember, the married couple has given you this trust and honour to send them off into marital harmony.

Top 10 Wedding Speech Tips For Newbs:

  1. NO Alcohol Or Drugs:
    Ok, I know that the alcohol or a small J might take the edge off. I mean, they don’t call alcohol liquid confidence for fun. Let’s try not to be drunk or high when you give your speech. You don’t want to be embarrassed and more importantly, embarrass the couple. Stay sober until your duties are done. 
  2. Preparation Is Key:
    Just like at your job, or at home. Prep makes a huge difference in the writing, your delivery and your confidence. Write things out, use google for speech inspiration. Write FROM THE HEART. When we use our heart to write, we say things with real meaning and warmth. People connect with you when you speak from your heart. The energy will radiate from you when you are prepared and confident.
  3. Express A lot Of Gratitude:
    Now this is something you should be practicing every day but on this day lay it on thick, but don’t be fake. People can sense fake from a mile away. So show genuine gratitude. Start by thanking the newlyweds and their respected families. Then move on to the wedding party (give compliments all the time), and of course last but not least thank the guests. (Another gratitude tip is to thank the chef for the wonderful meal and offer applause).
  4. Connect With The Couple & Guests:
    Making a connection is very important. You can tell an appropriate joke that includes both of them, a story or even a sentimental quote with martial advice. These types of stories, jokes and quotes help “break the ice” and give people that awe feeling. It shows vulnerability and people connect with people who are showing that they are genuine. 
  5. Controversial topics are a big NO NO:
    Just don’t even go there. Politics, religion, and inappropriate jokes can burry you, not only with the guests but with the newlyweds. Keep the topics fun and light. No one came to a wedding to argue about politics. 
  6. Stay Away From Inside Jokes:
    Inside jokes are awkward and only funny for the people that get them. Most people when they hear an inside joke and only 2-3 people laugh, they cringe. I know I do. I can feel the awkwardness in the room when someone drops a bad inside joke. Another no no if you want to be a speech master by the end of it. 
  7. Short & Sweet:
    Keep it short and sweet. No one actually cares about YOUR rambling. They want to hear about the couple – fun love stories. Speeches can get boring quickly, so keeping people engaged is important. Just remember the last wedding you were at and the speeches dragged on and on. Don’t be THAT person. 
  8. Closing Statement:
    Make sure to prep this part extra good. Finding a good quote or some marriage advice is a great way to end your speech. You can be funny or sentimental in this part. People will remember both, but make sure to really show your genuine self. 
  9. Toast Time (No not the Bread):
    The end – finally? Admit it, this is kinda fun isn’t it? Looking at pictures of your friends and writing the stories and jokes. it’s nostalgic and feels good. One last thing before you can head over to the bar and catch up to the wedding party. Raise your glass and say “cheers to the newlweds”. 
  10. MOST IMPORTANT – Be Yourself:
    We touched on this earlier but we have to say it again. BE GENUINE, people can smell the fake, they can sense it. On the contrary people can also feel genuine vulnerability and feelings. Be yourself and you will do great – unless you an A**, then be nice for a few hours. 

I hope our list of Top 10 Wedding Speech tips was helpful. May you grace the stage with confidence and poise. Make sure to check out our other blog posts with tips and tricks for any event. Make sure to check out our blogs for more DIY, ideas and help #wedducate!

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