Unforgettable Guest Favours

Unforgettable Guest Favours

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

Unforgettable Guest Favours

Guest Favours are a way to say “Thank-you for attending” and give everyone a memento of your wedding day. Here are a few ideas of favours for any style of wedding.

  • Sapling Trees

Give your guests a tree to plant. It’s good for the environment and as they watch it grow they’ll remember your beautiful wedding day.

  • Homemade Wine/Homemade Beer

If you don’t have winemaking or beermaking supplies at home, no worries! Chances are there’s a U –Brew where you live. It’s a fun hobby, and sending guests home with a bottle is class-act move!

  • A Cocktail Kit

Purchase cocktail shakers, drop a mini-bottle in it and including a recipe inside! This cocktail kit is a fun way to give guests something they’ll use, share a favourite recipe, and have them remembering you every time they “Shake things up.”

  • Cookies in a Jar

Take a mason jar, layer the dry ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, and leave them at the door! They look cute and it’s a tasty, family-friendly way to send guests home with a sweet treat.

  • Custom Drink Coozies

They’re affordable, they keep drinks cold, and they’re perfect for a hot summer wedding. As a bonus, they add a little extra grip to your drink when you’re on the dance-floor.

  • A Donation to a charity of your choosing

Rather than budget for trinkets and take-home goodies for each guest, donate a few dollars to a charity you’re passionate about. Let your guests know what charity you’ve chosen by placing a card on each table or having your MC mention it during the night. 

There are so many great ways to give guests a memento to remember you night by. If you choose give everyone a gift, our number one tip is to make it something personal. They’re at your wedding so it’s YOU they’ll want to remember! We hope our list of Unforgettable Guest Favours helps in your planning. For more tips and tricks visit our other blog posts to #wedducate

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