What To Buy Second Hand?

What To Buy Second Hand?

From Matt Fossey Entertainment

What To Buy Second Hand?

Wedding budgets can add up quickly, and it’s not just because of big ticket items like venue rentals and catering, décor, guest gifts, and clothing can quickly stack up too. We’ve got a few ideas, big and small, for places you can go second-hand so you don’t have to use the generosity of your wedding gifts to pay bills. 

Wedding Dress

It’s the first and most obvious place a bride looks to go second hand. Dress styles and trends can last for years, but you only wear a wedding dress once! A second hand designer wedding dress can cost less than half of what it did new even after the added cost of dry-cleaning and re-tailoring. Afterwards, it’ll be brand-new again!

Table Centrepieces

They’re big, they’re a showstopper, and when the wedding is over many couples are left thinking “What do I do with these?” While every reception is unique and a centre piece might be tailored to a specific couple, a few small tweaks and touches can transform a centerpiece into something truly unique. And when you’ve got 12 or more tables to dress-up, it can save you a ton!

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are the multi-tool of just about any wedding! They’re perfect for rustic-chique weddings, candy bars, take-home gifts, caeser bars, and more – but purchasing  several dozen brand-new mason jars at the cost of $1.25 to $2.50 a piece can add up. Luckily, you’re not the first person to think of using them in a wedding. Buying your mason jars second hand can cut the price in half!

Table Runners

A table can look bare without a table runner! And whether they’re burlap, satin, or linen; new table-runners can cost a fortune. By scouring your local buy-sell groups and pages, you’ll be able to find exactly the right style for your wedding. And even if they need dry-cleaning you’ll still end up ahead!

Cake Stand, Cake Cutting Kit

Cake stands don’t serve much purpose after a wedding – and even simple stands for small cakes can start in the low $100’s. This is a perfect place to upcycle and save. You may even find a beautiful cake-cutting set to match that’ll look amazing in photos as well.

There are so many second-hand items to complement your wedding-day. Just remember, second-hand isn’t always cheaper once you factor in the costs of the item plus any cleaning or modifications you may be adding. By saving throughout your wedding you’ll be able to spend in other key areas, like your bar, photographer, or even Wedding DJ 😉

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